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While your research should be your focus, equipping yourself with information to protect
your innovations could be vital. As the inventor, you are your staunchest advocate.
Therefore, do not simply rely on the university or technology transfer office to act in your
best interest. One would expect that their university would conduct itself with
integrity in these matters. However, be prepared with the knowledge necessary
in the event that this is not the case. Protecting your innovations properly will
achieve the best results for you, your university and the community at large.

  • IP Advocate's glossary of Intellectual Property Terminology defines the
    necessary vocabulary to read and understand agreements and
  • Every innovator must understand the Technology Transfer process of
    their university. In this section there are examples of Patent Process
    from selected universities that map out the steps from start to finish.
  • Familiarity with applicable Federal and State Intellectual Property Laws and
    as well as staying abreast of recent litigation is critical for every inventor.
  • Even the most experienced innovators may have questions about Intellectual Property issues. IP Advocate answers many of these Frequently Asked Questions.

Fundamental Facts

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A Presentation in Licensing

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