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Petr Táborský made a discovery in wastewater treatment. His discovery involved clinoptilolite and he found a way to enhance its ability to absorb ammonium. Táborský conducted the research on his own time and with the permission of the Dean of Research at the University of South Florida's College of Engineering. His discoveries received several patents.

A corporate sponsor of the University's research, the Florida Progress Corporation, as well as the University itself claimed entitlement to the work. Consequently, in an effort to eliminate Táborský's rights, USF filed criminal charges against him. He was, in fact, incarcerated and served time in jail. His case is the extreme of what could happen to a student or faculty researcher if they do not fully understand their rights in their research and intellectual property. Although the governor of Florida offered him a full pardon, Táborský continues to fight to overturn his conviction.

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