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We Are Here to Share Our Experiences

IP Advocate is committed to providing you, the academic researcher, with insight
into the experience of others like yourself when navigating Intellectual Property
processes and policies. We have compiled a number of examples of others
whose efforts have been successful and rewarding or frustrating and difficult. We
have selected these initial stories so that researchers like you can learn from the
pitfalls and successes alike. These are the true studies of IP disputes gone well,
and gone bad. Look for future studies, or Contact Us to contribute your story to
this effort.

Suppes: Read about an esteemed professor from the University of Missouri
embroiled in litigation of ownership of his intellectual property.

Townsend: Read about the University of Pittsburgh's
unwarranted legal salvo against an inventor whose work
saves the lives of cancer patients.

Restasis: The University of Georgia left hundreds of millions of dollars on the table in secret negotiations that disenfranchised one of their most successful researchers.

Badylak: Pursuing monetary interests, Purdue University stalled research into life-saving tissue re-growth research by engaging in pointless litigation.

Emory: Read how Emory University successfully protected its intellectual property, researchers, and HIV/AIDS patients who were benefiting from their discovery.

Táborský: Read how the University of South Florida's ambition for profit lead them to pursue one of their researchers all the way to jail.

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