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The foundation of academic research has historically been based on 'knowledge for the sake of knowledge'. Publication of findings in university, scientific and research journals was the norm, but with rising concerns related to licensing and ownership of intellectual property, distribution of research results must now be carefully weighed.

This truism wavers in the face of all of the guidelines, policies, claims and stakeholders that attach themselves to every innovation. Any one of these can stall potentially life changing or saving treatments and technologies in the transition from theory to practice.

Research builds upon research and, innovation builds upon innovation. Therefore open discourse and shared experiences are vital to ensuring the advancement of unencumbered academic pursuits is preserved. It is in this spirit that IP Advocate encourages all university researchers and faculty inventors to join us in this critical dialogue to nurture a community where the rights of the inventors are respected and upheld.

IP Advocate has already identified some of the top university forums for you to quickly access and participate in ongoing discussions. We have also launched our own IPAO Forum this month. It offers specific 'communities of interest' that address Laws and Litigation issues facing faculty inventors, Intellectual Property Policy issues that you should be aware of, and Ethics and Best Practices that identify the best and the worst practices being performed in our universities today. Our mission remains to protect the faculty inventor first. We are dedicated to providing you with relevant topics and information exchange that can help educate you on your intellectual property rights and guide your efforts as your participation and support.

Join Us! Protect Your Research. Protect Your Future.

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