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Shared information is encouraging to fellow academic researchers and the general public as well. This includes those who are heavily invested in academic innovation and eagerly awaiting discoveries which may improve their quality of life, cure a disease inflicting them or a loved one or even change the world as we know it.

IP Advocate encourages frequent publication of research news and developments through as many outlets as possible. The links below lead to selected articles and presentations related to university research and Intellectual Property issues:


By Doing Good, Cornell Can Do Well

Tech Transfer White Paper Authors Hope to Spur Debate, Socially Responsible Licensing 

Improving Access to Medicines in Poor Countries: The Role of Universities

A Challenge to the World’s Scientists

University Research Contributes to Global Warming, Professor Discovers

Leveraging University Research to Advance Global Health

Patent Reform and University Research

Georgia Shows How Investing in University Research Helps

Isaac Kohlberg Revamps Harvard’s Technology Transfer Operation

Researchers Keep Eyes on Prize


A Model Partnership - 2005-2010 Strategic Plan - Purdue University

Bringing Innovation to Life - A 5 Year Report - University of Chicago

Dirty Little Tricks People Play in Licensing - University of Virginia

Proof of Concept Centers - Accelerating the Commercialization of University Innovation

Patent Application Searching Tutorial

How to Have a Bad Research Career

Litigation of Intellectual Property in the United States

Issues to Examine...

A Theoretical Framework for Understanding University Inventors and Patenting

The Mobility of Inventors and the Productivity of Research

Multiple Missions and Academic Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial University in the “Pro-Patent Era”: Lessons from the U.S. Experience

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