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Online Communities

The availability of online communities, chat boards and blogs is limitless and their subject matter is beyond measure. We invite you to visit the IP Advocate blog
as part of your search for an online community.

People you meet online will speak from their personal experiences. Because of the anonymity the Internet offers, you may find information that is more honest, possibly exaggerated or in some cases, completely fabricated. All information should be absorbed with a measure of caution.

For some, the sensitivity or necessary confidentiality of their research may preclude disclosure of specifics. Online communities offer an anonymous venue for discussing your research.  Fellow researchers from around the world are online day and night, in every time zone, to chat with you.  Experiment with different online groups to see what works for you.

Try these online communities:

Check These Out...

A Social Networking Site for Cornell Inventors

University of Virginia Hosts a Roster of Blogs

A Sampling of Technology Transfer Education Events

An Online Video Course in Legal Issues in Research and Licensing Agreements

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