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University Departments

University offices are useful resources but will be inclined to speak on the behalf of the best interests of the university. Regardless, it is essential that researchers establish a relationship with these offices to develop
an understanding of how they operate.

The Technology Transfer Office of your university exists to:

  • Implement its Intellectual Property policies
  • Support its commercialization and technology transfer efforts

The Technology Transfer Office of your university will be able to:

Understanding their policies and procedures prior to becoming involved in patent assignment or technology transfer transaction is imperative. Some offices offer lectures or seminars about their mission and operations. Attending this type of information session will assist you in becoming as educated as possible on their operations and goals.

It is standard procedure to communicate with your university's Technology Transfer Office once you become aware that you have made a discovery (disclosure) and continue this communication throughout the sequence of events of the post-discovery process. These requirements will vary from one institution to another based on their individual policies and procedures.

Many technology offices require their personnel to abide by formal Standards of Conduct. However, always keep in mind that these offices are departments of the university and therefore they function in the best interests of their school. If you are ever unsure of the validity of information provided to you or wish to seek confirmation of information or advice, inquire with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) or other resource recommended in this section.

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