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Scientific and technological advancements born out of academic research are progressing at a staggering rate. As a result, today more than ever, we live in a knowledge economy. Knowledge is viable currency, carrying enough cache to drive billions of dollars of business and industry as well as millions of dollars of litigation to protect the ownership of that knowledge.

Any forces that detract from the purity of research and the ongoing motivation of the academic researcher to continue their quest for knowledge will be detrimental to the process and progress of innovation for mankind.

The vision of the university and its technology licensing office should be long range. It should also encompass the reputation and standings of the institution, and furthering the well being of society through continuous support of innovation. When technology transfer is not conducted ethically and transparently, both the researcher and the process of research are damaged. In such an environment, innovation is discouraged and academic inquiry is stymied.

Litigation against its own researchers should be rare in occurrence. Further, the relationship between university and researcher should never be supplanted by the lure of a large corporate checkbook.

In recognition of the importance of the work of university researchers, IP Advocate has established as one of its goals to cultivate innovation in American universities as a valuable national resource. Presenting news of advancements in research fields and celebrating the successes of academic innovation is an important way to encourage those who are on the forefront of discovery.

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IP Advocate is devoted to cultivating the healthy, open and transparent exchange of information to empower and protect the academic research community.
It is imperative that every university safeguard the academic inventor so that they can remain focused on their research. In this way, the university, corporate sponsors, and the researcher can all benefit from innovations that ultimately serve mankind.
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