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In today's knowledge economy, scientific and technological advancements are vital to the health and wellbeing of all mankind. These innovations read like science fiction - but are, in fact, the products of academic research at its best.

  • Research from the University of Pittsburgh is helping soldiers re-grow fingers lost in combat.
  • Stanford University researchers are on the cusp of creating customized vaccines to fight cancer.
  • A laser technique developed at Princeton University can detect anthrax in less than 1/10 of a second to help save lives.
  • Duke University researchers have found genome differences in breast cancer tumors in young women explaining higher mortality rates in this age group.

While university research is a hotbed of innovation, the academic institution structure was not designed to translate findings into tangibles or treatments usable by society. Because the Bayh-Dole Act mandates publicly funded research must be commercialized, the process of technology transfer has evolved out of necessity. Thus, each university's technology transfer office conducts the required patenting and licensing efforts. IP Advocate asserts that commercialization conducted in a socially responsible and ethical manner is critical on all fronts. Innovations must reach the public while inventors are encouraged and provided incentive to continue their life's work.

Transparent operations, open communication, and a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding between the university, its technology transfer office, and its researchers are paramount. Academic research will continue to thrive and mankind shall benefit only when inventors are given the parity they deserve during the technology transfer process.

In support of inventors and researchers across the U.S., IP Advocate has established as one of its goals to serve as a repository of Intellectual Property Best Practices. From policies to mission statements to success stories, IP Advocate shines a light on those universities conducting themselves above reproach. The universities featured in this section are on the forefront of socially responsible Intellectual Property activities and are utilizing what IP Advocate considers to be Best Practices.

These Best Practices have been organized to assist you, the academic researcher and inventor, in better understanding your rights and improving your relations with your university and its policies and procedures.

University researchers create more than cutting-edge cures and therapies in their laboratories. They create a better world for all of us - every day.

IP Advocate is dedicated to equipping the academic research community with critical information about technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property.

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