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As part of its work on "Illuminating the Connection" between money and politics, legislative watchdog organization MAPLight.org lists contributions from the following groups categorized by those who support and oppose Senate Bill 515 "Patent Reform Act of 2009."

  Telephone/Communications   Energy, Natural Resources/Environment
  Alternate Energy Production   General Business Associations
  Small Business Associations   Pro-Business Associations
  Education, Schools & Colleges, Med Schools   Welfare & Social Work
  Republican/Conservative   Christian Conservative
  Lobbyists & Public Relations   Plastics/Rubber Processing
  Office Machines   Non-Profits
  Churches/Clergy & Religious Organizations  

  Agricultural Chemicals   Residential Construction
  Construction Equipment   Telecommunications
  Computer Manufacturing/Services   Data Processing/Computer Services
  Defense   Major Oil/Gas Producers
  Power Plant Construction/Equipment   Commercial Banks & Holding Companies
  Venture Capital   Real Estate Agents
  Financial Services/Consulting   Food & Beverage Products/Services
  Health Professionals   Health Care Products
  Manufacturing   Household Cleaners/Chemicals
  Glass Products   Textiles/Fabrics


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