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Case Synopsis


In the battle against HIV/AIDS and other deadly viruses, Emory University researchers are on the frontlines. Emory professors and researchers, Drs. Dennis Liotta, Raymond Schinazi and Woo-Baeg Choi co-developed two of the major drugs in the HIV/AIDS arsenal: 3TC and FTC. Emory University, on their behalf, applied for and received patents for 3TC and FTC. These breakthrough discoveries, made in the early 1990s, are used by approximately 80% of all HIV/AIDS patients who are receiving treatment.

These wonder drugs became the subject of litigation and patent disputes until an out-of-court settlement put all of the issues to rest. Emory University supported their researchers and went to extraordinary lengths to protect their intellectual property by financing millions of dollars of legal support required. As a result of Emory's efforts, they were able to retain their intellectual property and their researchers were able to continue their life's work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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