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Táborský Case Study

Case Synopsis


Petr Táborský was a student at the University of South Florida (USF) when he made a breakthrough in wastewater treatment. His discovery involved clinoptilolite, a clay-like substance commonly used in cat litter. Táborský found that by superheating the substance, its ability to absorb ammonium was greatly enhanced. This discovery had great potential in the treatment of wastewater.

Mr. Táborský's research came on the heels of a research project funded by the Florida Progress Corporation, investigating different properties of clinoptilolite. The project ended as scheduled, with no results found. Subsequently, on his own time, and with the permission of Dr. Robert Carnahan, a Dean of Research at USF's College Engineering, Táborský delved further into the possibilities of clinoptilolite.  He eventually discovered the advantages of superheating clinoptilolite and received several patents related to this discovery.

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