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Unfortunately in the modern world, university research goes hand in hand with complex legal issues. Mostly federal laws govern the ownership of Intellectual Property, however some states have enacted statutes concerning IP as well. Becoming familiar with Intellectual Property laws is important in order to make informed decisions regarding the future of your innovation.

Universities spend incredible amounts of money each year on Intellectual Property litigation; many of these lawsuits are directed at their own researchers. They have virtually unlimited resources, and the researcher cannot hope to match their capacity for spending. As a result, researchers often abandon their case solely due to lack of funds for legal expenses.

This section is comprised of laws, categorized by jurisdiction and then topic, covering Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secrets statutes. Intellectual Property litigation is also featured to encourage your discernment in this area. Staying abreast of current litigation trends and issues in Intellectual Property prepares you to navigate what can be a complicated legal environment.

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