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Volume 2, Number 2

This unique journal lets readers benefit from the experience and wisdom of preeminent professionals in university, legal and corporate settings.

Patent Reform: Effects on Medical Innovation Business

This Special Edition of Medical Innovation & Business was devoted to evaluating the potential consequences of the Patent Reform Act of 2010, as it moved through the House of Representatives to the Senate for passage. Experts from various fields of intellectual property law, medical research and venture capital contributed to this special edition, which was delivered to every member of Congress so they could make a more inform decision before casting their votes. This issue focused on how the passage of certain bills within this reform would negatively impact university research, university spin-offs, emerging start-ups and small life sciences companies, especially those in the medical sciences; and ultimately the U.S. economy.

IP Advocate opposed many provisions of patent reform because they reflected the interests of large market incumbents that have extensively lobbied Congress and may be skewed against start-ups, small companies, individual inventors, university researchers and their spin-offs. Adverse effects may arise, simply because important questions haven’t been addressed. Through the collaboration of IP Advocate and the Johns Hopkins Institute, this Special Edition invited experts to ask the hard questions and explore alternative policies that would encourage innovation to inspire an informed public debate.

Medical Innovation and Business Journal - Patent Reform Special Issue

This special issue, devoted to patent reform and its impacts, is divided into three sections to first introduce the background and importance of the patent system and proposed reforms; second to dissect specific provisions of the proposed reforms; and third, to discuss alternatives to legislative reform.
Commentary on the background and importance of the U.S. patent system and proposed reforms.
The U.S. patent system is critical to the economy and innovation in America. Many provisions of the Patent Reform Act will discourage investment in new innovation-based businesses and impair future economic growth.
Commentary on the impacts of specific provisions of the proposed reform legislation.
The Patent Reform Act will benefit certain industries and harm others. Specific provisions of the legislation tailored to reduce costs for a few influential special interests will broadly impact investment in research and innovation to the detriment of all.
Discussion of alternatives to patent reform legislation and USPTO operational issues.
Over the last five years, judicial case law has addressed many of the concerns that initially prompted legislative action. The focus of reform efforts should now be to cure the long-standing ills of the Patent Office.
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