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The U.S. will continue to be a leader in university research and innovation so
long as the trend toward socially responsible licensing continues and
open-meetings laws are respected through transparent operations. The real
aims of technology transfer and commercialization efforts vary tremendously
from university to university. Many are motivated by ethical principles such as
promoting innovation to benefit the public and encouraging continued
research. However, some strive for the less admirable goal
of simply generating income for disposal as the
university sees fit.

In the 25 years since the passage of the
Bayh-Dole Act, technology transfer has made great
strides in curing and preventing disease
worldwide. Additionally, university technology
transfer offices have generated billions, and
perhaps trillions of dollars in licensing
revenue; some used well and some in a more
questionable manner.

Evidence of successful technology transfer is included here from universities considered by IP Advocate to be operating under best practices:

Furthermore, The Center for Measuring University Performance, a private research enterprise, annually ranks U.S. research universities and institutions on a variety of factors. To see if your university made the cut, and where they rank, review the 2008 American Research Uni Report.

Universities On the Cutting Edge

Breakthrough Research in
Spinal Cord Injuries

Cambridge University Study Links Spread of Chronic Disease to Economic Woes

Ohio State University Finds Compounds that May be Viable
for Alzheimer's Treatment

Carnegie Mellon's New MRI Technology Can Locate Specific
Cells in the Body

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