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Federal Law Details

The Federal, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Laws conveniently provided to you at our website, have been temporarily removed in an effort to provide you with the newest laws and policies available. Look for the return of this valuable information before the end of this year.

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CFR Laws - Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights section

  • 37 CFR
  • Chapter I - United States Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce
  • Chapter II - Copyright Office, Library of Congress
  • Chapter III - Copyright Royalty Board, Library of Congress
  • Chapter IV - Assistant Secretary for Technology, Department of Commerce
  • Chapter V - Under Secretary for Technology, Department of Commerce

Proposed Federal Legislation

Federal Legislation with regard to Intellectual Property Rights is a hot-button issue for researchers, academicians, institutions of higher learning, and the general public.

The 111th Congress will once again see Patent "Reform" on its agenda. The last two attempts at patent "reform", the Patent Reform Act of 2007 and Patent Reform Act of 2005 both failed to gain passage into law. Both proposed revisions, had they passed, would have been the most sweeping changes to U.S. patent law since the 1952 Patent Act was enacted.

As promised during his campaign, President Obama will focus on patent and patent "reform" issues in the coming months. However, in early 2009, a consortium of over 130 manufacturing companies sent a letter of concern to the President, stating that if patent reform similar to what was previously proposed becomes law, nearly 300,000 jobs and $66 billion in R&D investment will be at risk. With recent U.S. economic woes, an impact like this could be disastrous.

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