Last week, The Hoover Institution released a four-part series authored by F. Scott Kieff, professor at George Washington Law School and the Ray and Louise Knowles Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, that concluded
that H.R. 1249 would be disastrous for the U.S. economy. Apparently no one in the House of Representatives had the time to review this critical analysis before yesterday's vote. They also seemed to have missed the letter to the House from other noteworthy national organizations representing small businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, independent inventors, and technical professionals who urged lawmakers to eliminate many harmful provisions in the bill that, if enacted, would cause innovation disruption and create legal uncertainty for years to come. Get ready.

The letter exposes what the organizations call a "major legal flaw" in the current bill, which, if left in place, would result in patent rights uncertainty and thousands of "false patents" being granted - not to the first-inventor-to-file - but to applicants who filed later. This is in direct contradiction to the bill's stated purpose of awarding patents only to the first-inventor-to-file.

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Congress officially passed the America Invents Act on September 8, 2011. This much anticipated legislation represents sweeping changes made for the first time in over a half-century that will impact the future of intellectual property, university research and independent inventor rights. IP Advocate opposed many of its provisions. However, we are now focused on educating faculty and student researchers on its new policies and procedures so you can protect your intellectual property today. We have devoted a special section that chronicles the Road to Patent Reform that features expert commentary, news and resources to keep our community informed.

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